Frequently Asked Questions

How does this program differ from my current hole in one club?

Typically, a Hole In One Club charges each member a small fee when someone makes a hole in one. The winner receives a prize of somewhere around $500-$1,000 – with a hefty bar bill deducted from that. DGT allows all of your members a chance to opt into a Hole in One Club Club that can pay up to $100,000 for an ace depending on the program selected by the course operators.  Most operators choose to offer a Hole in One Club that pays between $5,000 and $25,000.

We also pay out golf shop credit if any member were to hit their shot within the length of the flagstick. Not to mention, any players that make a hole in one receive an HD Video of their winning shot. That’s priceless!

How will this program help me book more tournaments/outings?

We have an exceptional tournament package that can be used for outside groups of all sizes. Hole in One prizes range from $1,000-$100,000 and prize packages are available for all of your Par 3 holes.  By having the DGT system on your coure you can include hole in one prizes with every event – saving your tournament client the hassle of of securing hole in one insurance, witnesses, volunteers and measuring out yardage requirements.  As importantly – your liability as a course operator for hosting a hole in one tournament is eliminated.

Your Club now has a real differentiator when competing for outings with other courses. We can also offer bigger prizes and marketing concepts like Million Dollar shots and other member appreciation activities.

All it takes is a phone call to DGT and our account management team will work with you to come up with specific events that fit your membership. There is no easier way for a Club to differentiate itself, book more outings, and generate more revenue.

How does the tournament program work?

For all tournaments you simply fill out and send in a one page agreement that includes the tournament name, number of players and date. Every participant is then eligible to win.  In 2 mintues or less you can secure a hole in one tournament prize package that is sure to add more excitement and fun to your outings – and to help you book more of them!

Can more than one par 3 offer a hole in one prize?

Yes, all par 3’s can be included, even if there is no camera installed.

Is DGT Backed By an Insurance Company?
Yes, we are backed by an A-Rated Insurance Company.
How do I generate revenue?

Like any other “SKU” in your pro shop, as an operator you can make a healthy margin on all of DGT’s offerings including the Hole in One Club, the tournament/outing programs and daily play.

How does the membership program work?

Your members simply opt into one of our programs by filling out a quick form in the golf shop. Programs are one year in duration.  Once your golfer signs up for a program, he/she is eligible to win during every round they play for a year.

Operators generally choose to offer packages that cost between $10-$20 a month – but all programs can be customized based on the profile of your course/membership/golfer profile.  .

What are the biggest benefits to the golfer?

Golfers love big prizes – and every golfer wants to memorialize their incredible golf shot with video of the moment.  And the excitement of knowing that today could be their big day every single time that a Club member, tournament participant or guest steps onto the course remains long after the round.  Players take an extra practice swing, they check the wind one more time, they root on their playing partners, and relive the experience again and again.  Golf has become too serious and stressful without great reward. We want to change this attitude with more fun & excitement during every round of golf.

What happens when someone makes a hole in one?

You simply call your DGT Account Manager and notify them of the winning shot.  The pro shop and golfer have a few simple forms to submit to DGT.  Once we receive the forms and review the video, claims are paid promptly.

What if I don't have any or many members or tournaments and generally just have daily play?

DGT has a custom program that can fit many golf courses.  We can offer a hole in one prize for every daily round, weekend rounds only, Wednesday’s after 5 – you name it.  If you have an active golfer base and are seeking to drive more revenue to your course and fun for your golfers let’s talk.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Play?

Please click here to review our terms and conditions for play and usage of the DGT System.

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